If You Liked Morgan Le Fay . . .

If you liked our episode on Morgan Le Fay . . .

Here’s a fun run-down of the way Morgan Le Fay’s changing persona: How Arthurian Legend Turned a Powerful Woman from Healer to Villain.

Have some interesting insights into fashion, hygiene, and beauty routine in the 14th Century (around the time La Morte d’Arthur was written). The Ultimate Fashion History also has some great primers on “dark age” and middle ages costume history.

And check out these rad Morgan-inspired style items:

(1) "She Rises" Women's Chiffon Top by lightwitch on RedBubble. (2) Gothic Warrior: Sword Necklace by Nyxturna. (3) LeFay Perfume by AlchemyAshes on Etsy. (4) The High Priestess Screen-Printed Back Patch by Prints & Needles on Etsy. (5) Cleanse + Protect Womens Flowy Tank by Sovin.

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